What Is Merino Wool

Merino clothing is beautiful to wear and a socially responsible choice. Merino wool is a natural, sustainable biodegradable fibre. This incredible natural fibre has all the qualities to make clothing that has a natural softness and breathability to ensure comfort and temperature control.

Qualities about Merino wool make it the perfect fibre to produce our range: 

  • natural soft fibre
  • renewable 
  • biodegradable
  • sustainable 
  • breathable
  • temperature control
  • static resistant
  • anti wrinkle
  • machine washable
  • stain resistant
  • odour resistant
  • flame resistant

We are passionate about our high quality New Zealand designed and made merino clothing and are excited by our growing and evolving range.

Merino Wool is amazing and we predominantly use ZQ Merino. It is the best available. 

ZQ Merino is produced to the highest standard of environmental integrity. This ensures a natural, sustainable and socially responsible wool with ethical growers meeting strict criteria to achieve ZQ certification.

ZQ Merino must be produced following environmental plans and best practise animal welfare. Also meet fibre quality and traceability giving a connection to those they supply.